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  • Day-walks are generally in National and State Parks within a reasonable driving distance of Gisborne and car-pooling is used as much as possible. However, walks that can be accessed by public transport are also offered.
  • The day-walks are generally scheduled for two weekend days in each month plus a mid-week (wednesday) walk each month.
  • There are occasional full pack-carrying activities.
  • Walks of varying grades are offered during the year.
  • There are usually a number of base camps with a series of integrated day walks offered during the year. Recent examples include Anglesea, Mt Buffalo, Falls Creek and Phillip Island. Cabin-style accommodation is usually offered for these activities.
  • Occasionally, interstate base camps are arranged, such as to Tasmania, NSW or ACT.
  • Walk Leaders are members of the Club who volunteer to identify a suitable walk for their chosen date, then check the suitability of the walk, provide a description of the walk for the Newsletter and co-ordinate transport arrangements for the day. The Leader then takes responsibility for the successful completion of the walk on the day.
  • Provided appropriate arrangements are made by the Walk Leader, all walkers who are club members (or signed-up temporary members) and the Walk Leader are covered by insurance made available through the Club's affiliation with Bushwalking Victoria.

The following lists the activities for the next month:

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